Unlock the power of transport data

Transform your customers' experience with AI-driven location and movement insight

Signalbox’s hyper-accurate technology pinpoints your customers’ mobile devices on the transport network and knows where they’re heading. Our easy-to-implement technology even works when there’s no data connection. Signalbox helps you understand and connect with your customers to revolutionise their journeys.


Our partners


Cross platform

Signalbox works for different kinds of devices, including on iPhones and on Android.

Full UK Coverage

Our API covers the UK's national rail network and the London Underground and Overground.

Quick response

A response is delivered from our API within a fraction of a second, even in difficult environments.

Works everywhere

Our API works everywhere including in places where GPS fails, like underground and in stations.

Easy integration

Using minimal code, Signalbox can be integrated into your app or web service in minutes.

Never wrong

Signalbox never returns a wrong result and you only pay for the number of matches.