Why use Signalbox

Drive customer loyalty

Usability is a key differentiator between different apps. Improvements in user experience can translate into sometimes thousands, or even millions of more hits per day.

Gain user insights

By increasing in app engagement during journeys it is possible to build up user profiles, allowing you to offer tailored content for individuals based on travel patterns.

Increase conversions

Signalbox helps users have a more seamless interaction, which makes it more likely that they will engage with your app and proceed to complete a transaction.


General questions


How does it work?

Signalbox works by agregating multiple sources of real-time transport information and map data. Using our proprietary machine learning algorithm it matches the device's location to a train service.

Where does it work?

Signalbox currently covers the UK's entire national railway network and the London Overground. In the future, we intend to include other networks and transport modes, both in the UK and other countries.

What devices does it work on?

Signalbox just requires location information, so it will work for any device that can provide this. This includes smartphones, tablets and laptops.

How many location fixes?

The amazing thing about Signalbox is that it can normally tell exactly what train someone on using just one location fix. This means for most applications it does not require background tracking.

Does it require an app?

Signalbox requires a device's location, which can be obtained in different ways, including from an app, or from a browser when someone visits your website.

How long does it take?

Signalbox normally can work out a device's train with only one location and return a response in a fraction of a second, but an app must first acquire location, which typically takes a second or two.


 Information delivered by Signalbox

On train

Signalbox works out if a device is on a train or not. This can be used for analysis or to trigger in-journey functionality.

Schedule information

We deliver the details about the train schedule, such as the stops and the actual and expected arrival times.

Train details

If required we can deliver further information about the service, such as whether there is a buffet carriage.