Uses for Signalbox

Signalbox detects what transport service a device is on and provides analytics about a passenger's planned journey. The technology is for digital marketers, app publishers and transport operators and available via our web-based API.


Digital marketers

Are you interested in messaging customers who are travelling to Heathrow Airport?Maybe you’d like to let tired commuters coming into Waterloo know that you’ll give them a special offer on coffee?

Signalbox can identify these customers for you, allowing you to create the one to one communication that modern consumers demand. Our privacy compliant technology also allows you to understand commuters’ patterns. This data can be combined with other sources to give in depth behaviour and lifestyle insights into your customers.


App publishers

Is the 17:56 delayed? Use Signalbox to push notifications to customers who are known to be on the affected service. Take things a step further and use our AI capabilities to message commuters who are planning to use the affected service - all without the customer needing to tell you their plans.

Do you need to guide your customers with extreme precision to their destination? With Signalbox’s patent pending technology you can navigate your user through cross country train routes or even underground tube stations, providing comprehensive, accurate directions.

Transport operators

Would you like to track demand for services in a particular location more effectively? Are you keen to accurately understand how crowds are moving through an area? Do you need to determine spaces where people need assistance underground?

Signalbox uses best practice aggregation techniques to provide you with anonymised crowd movements, giving you real-time insight into the location of your customers. We can help you respond to incidents effectively and keep your services running efficiently, all whilst preserving your individual user’s privacy.