AI-powered journey insight made simple

Signalbox works by combining real-time transport information with mobile device and map data. It combines this information in our patent pending algorithm to give you hyper accurate insights.

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1. Signalbox gathers information

Signalbox gathers information from your users' mobile devices. This information is typically sent up to the cloud for processing, but it can also be analysed on the device itself. This allows it to work in hard-to-reach places, such as on underground metro systems. 

2. Signalbox processes the data

Signalbox uses machine learning, novel patented positioning techniques and realtime transport data to generate insight into the device's movements. Signalbox maximises app performance by using only a small amount of data, making demands on the mobile device negligible.  

3. Powerful transport insight is delivered

Signalbox delivers information on the devices location and movements in real-time. Depending on your needs, this can be provided directly to your mobile app for immediate use or be piped to other systems for further analysis.  


Information delivered by Signalbox

Current service

Signalbox determines the exact details of the current service someone is on. Information delivered includes the mode of transport, the operating company, names of stops on the route, and arrival and departure times.

Enhanced location

Signalbox delivers the device’s location. This is more accurate than the location that can be obtain using the devices satellite navigation and works in hard-to-reach places, like on platforms, in ticket halls and underground.

Predicted destination

Signalbox predicts the passenger's likely destination station and the time of arrival. Using real-time transport data, this prediction takes into account any delays in services, and is updated in light of new information.